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Welcome to Beloved Becoming, An Honest Podcast for Christian Women


#001 – Welcome to our first EVER podcast episode! We are so excited for this journey and for what God has in store. This has been something we’ve dreamed about for years.

Beloved Becoming is a podcast for Christian women in their 20s and 30s craving deeper joy, authentic identity, and unfiltered truths.

We are here to talk about the things that aren’t being talked about and have raw conversations equipping you to find purpose, challenge your faith, and embrace your God-given identity.

Together we can find the (joyful) way through the messiness of culture in Christ.

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Show Notes

Hi friend, welcome to Beloved Becoming.

Your place for raw, vulnerable conversations. Equipping women to find joy and truth through the roller coaster of their twenties and thirties. Let’s embrace our own becoming, grow in faith, and step fully into our God-given identity, quirkiness and awe. We are beloved. We are becoming.

Hi, we’re here. Episode number one.

Beloved Becoming. Guys, right before we started recording, Alicia said, “Are we going to say something funny?” And I was like, “Well, that’s a given if I’m talking.”

And then I looked at her and said, “Really, Tabi? That’s really your view? You think you’re so funny?”

Yeah, I do.

She’s pretty funny.

Yeah. And pretty.

Hi, my name’s Alicia. I’m Tabi. And welcome to Beloved Becoming. We’re so excited. Yes. So we’re going to share a little bit about what the podcast is about, what you can expect from us, and who it’s for, and then a little bit about ourselves. That’s right.

So Tabi, tell us a little bit more about Beloved Becoming and who it’s for.

Well, we are here for anyone who wants to listen to us, but our target audience is Christian women, in their twenties and thirties, trying to navigate life with the lens of being beloved.

Mm. I love that. Yeah.

I think we both can identify with our twenties, right out of college. It’s like your whole life is planned up until you graduate from college. Like, you kind of know the trajectory your life is going to take, and then you expect the twenties to be something like this amazing open gift that you get just to go to work and have fun and express yourself. And then we get here and it’s messy.

Yeah. We really romanticize it, I think, in college. Yes. And it may not be that we’re planned up until college, but you always have kind of people overseeing you. Whether it’s mentors or your parents or whatever. And then all of a sudden in your twenties, you’re like, “Wait a second. No one’s telling me what to do anymore.”

And no one to guide you on the next step. It’s all the world is an oyster, whereas before there was always a next step that kind of made sense. You didn’t really have to think about it. I mean, you got to pick if you went to college, where you were going to college, or those types of things, but it was all laid out in front of you.

Yeah. And not only is there no one guiding us, but there’s all these pressures from either social media or just social norms in general, feeding into our brains about this is how you should live your life. But all of that is, honestly, so highlight reely, or not realistic on how to actually live your life.

It’s like social media has created this popular club, popular kid club, where your life should look like this and it should be pretty and filtered and beautified and just all of this. All we’re seen as on social media for the most part. And it does create a lot of pressure on how we should live.

Yeah. And not only is that not realistic or not attainable, but it’s so empty. I mean, I think our lives can be beautiful, but our lens is wrong on what that means.


I think in 2020, we can look back and see that playing out. There was so much hatred, so much polarization, so much … It’s almost as if there was this expectation of, here’s what you need to believe and here’s what you need to express. You need to express your beliefs and they need to be like the same cultural, or I’m sorry, the same political views. Like if you don’t believe what the cultural narrative believes and if you don’t express that like everyone else is expressing it, then you’re probably going to be canceled or singled out or shamed. It’s again, just that pressure.

Yeah. I totally agree. So we’re here to talk about how to navigate that with a bigger purpose in mind, right?

With a joyful purpose in mind. With a meaning, a focus in mind.

Yeah. To do so in an intentional way with the perspective of faith in God and how we live beloved.

Yes. To be daughters of Christ. Okay. So, that’s what we want to talk about in this podcast. People might want to know who are we? What are we doing? Who are you guys?

My name’s Alicia.

I’m Tabi.

And we’ve both I had this vision for a while now. We’ve been working on this for about six to nine months and-Cooking it, like a baby. Just kidding, you don’t cook babies. I’m just joking. Okay.

We’re not though. We’re not theologians. No, we’re not pastors. We’re not counselors. We’re not a church. We’re just two women who are best friends talking about life and trying to be what we wish we had when we were in our twenties.

Yes. It’s not that we’re creating this to speak to others who need this. It’s like, we needed this, we desired it. We still need these reminders. So we created this almost for ourselves and for our friends around us who are struggling and going through the same things that we’ve gone through and are going through.

Yeah. And we’re hoping to kind of expose, I guess, cultural stories and challenge our thinking on like, “Oh, I didn’t really realize I was thinking that way or living my life that way.” And what does it look like to actually follow Christ and actually live in a beloved way.

Yes. I love that you said expose. I think that’s so much of this is, at least in my twenties it was so much awareness of, “Oh, that’s a lie. I didn’t realize that.” So I think expose is a great word. Really hits at what we’re trying to do.

Yeah. So that’s a little about our podcast. Alicia, what about you? Tell me a little bit about yourself for people who don’t know you.

Well, I’m 29. I’m married to Daniel and we have a son, Jonah, who is 19 months. And he is a doll. He is- The best.… so sweet. So inquisitive. So fun. Also, realizing how hard motherhood is. But it’s a beautiful, chaotic season for us. You’re doing a great job. Oh, thank you. You’re welcome. Tell us about you, Tabi.

Ooh, okay. Well the most exciting thing in my life right now is that I just got engaged to my fiance, Paul.

How does that sound, saying that?

It’s so fun, but it’s so foreign obviously. I was still getting used to boyfriend. In my head I just think of him as like my person, not like my boyfriend. Anyways. So we’re getting married this summer. I’m an elementary teacher. I live in Columbia, so does Alicia. We are two best friends. We grew up together in the same area. We went to college together. We lived together for six years.

And we made it. We still are friends.

Oh yeah, we’re like best friends. We go to the same church. We lead a small group together. We came to Christ, I would say, around the same kind of time period after college. We grew up in church, but I found Jesus for myself after college. I think Alicia would say the same thing. And just random little fun things about me. I love puns, I love wiener dogs and I love crocheting.

And you’re really good at it and you just started. Thank you.

Awesome. Yeah, and I think something else to share is we’ve, I think we’ve mentioned this, but we both struggled in our twenties. And I think we’ve each, after coming to Christ, have really seen God work in each of our lives and really transformed us to where we now are able to see hope and have a steadfast joy that, when I was in my early twenties, I didn’t think was possible.

Yeah. I think this came about because, honestly, when COVID hit and we all started quarantining, you and I were kind of the only, or you were the only friend I was seeing in person, basically. So we just spent a lot of time sitting and talking and like, what do we see in the world? And what kind of struggles do we notice in our friendships? Not in our friendships, but from our friends who are having a hard time, or from people at church or in our small group. We’re just observing things. What kind of things are we going through? And as we would sit and talk, we’re like, “Wow, I feel like people might like listening to this.” So we started to brainstorm what would that look like, to record it and share things? And that’s why we’re here.

Yeah. Because we’re often given sermons or there’s enough content online of like how to live in your twenties. But I don’t really see it being talked about from the person who’s going through the mess in a way that’s raw and not filtered. And the things we’re talking about, really, I don’t feel are being talked about, I guess.

It’s always after the struggle is over, here’s the how to of it. Instead of like, “I’m still in the mess of it and here’s how I’m processing it.”

Exactly. Especially coming from a place of, I think, one of our values is this is truth based. So that for us means we believe in the Bible, we believe Christ came and died for our sins and we’re saved by his grace. And because of that, here we are and we’re going to come from a place of truth.

We will try.

But we’re not pastors, so …No. I mean, we’re not … Yeah. We’re not like expertly trained, but we are trying to pursue truth with the power of the Holy Spirit as much as we can. As best we can.

Yeah. So what’s coming, Tabi?

What’s coming. Well, my wedding. No, I’m just kidding. I’m just joking. Got one thing on your mind. No. Okay. So first we are pushing out three episodes at once. So if you’re listening to this one, there should be two more ready for you. And then we will have one episode per week. We’re going to talk about lots of different things. We’re going to talk about singleness, dating, our career, what it means to be beloved, navigating your life just as a Christian, hopefully a Christian woman in your twenties or thirties is our target audience. We’ve got fun, exciting things coming along the way too that are maybe a little bit of surprise.

Yeah. I think some of my favorite episodes we have done already are like, what’s missing in modern day friendships? Cultivating deeper friendships. We have one on sex and dating. So we have a lot of fun podcasts coming up for you guys.

Yeah. How did I forget the friendship one? That’s maybe one of my favorites. So that’s what you can expect. So yeah, Beloved Becoming. I’m Alicia.

I’m Tabi, and I forgot to say that I’m also 29. And fun fact is that Alicia and I are a day apart and we’re about to turn 30.

That’s true. Our 30th is coming up. Awesome. Well, we’re so excited. We’re so excited to have you guys listening. It means the world to us. And I think if there’s one thing that we would love to invite you along in on this journey is to go ahead and subscribe. That’s the best way to help us out is to subscribe on your favorite listening, whether you’re listening on Apple Podcast or Spotify, or just your favorite podcast application. Whatever it is, go ahead and subscribe. We would love that.

Yeah. And if you’re interested, you can follow us on Instagram. Instagram. I said that weird. Instagram at Beloved Becoming.

Yes. So thanks for listening today. And don’t forget, you are beloved and you are becoming.


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Never miss an episode from Beloved Becoming. You'll be inspired and encouaraged with raw conversations, practical application, and encouragement to live faithfully in an upside-down world. AND we will be rolling out FREE challenges soon! Don't miss out! 

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